• Le opere di Italo Corrado, serie complesse, imponenti e splendenti

Abysses of Light Series

Thanks to an overview of nuances, the artist invites us to undertake an astral journey of the soul with 20 works dedicated to the “abysses of light”.

During this pilgrimage we perceive lights and shadows, calm and chaos, silence and noise. In these places the presence of man does not exist, but both his vibrations and energies as well as his karmic connections between credits and debts are felt.

In these completely surreal scenarios, the artist, with a particular use of color, questions the identity of man in the face of his own destiny and leads the spectator into an explosive vortex full of cathartic and ancestral nuances, where the violence of the tones and the liveliness of the lines render the divine reflections in an abyss of light.

In these 20 works, the artist’s unconscious ventures into the depths of the soul and is then reflected on the canvas. This amalgam finally materializes with color in a transformation process that excludes nothing, but in which everything merges.

Aurore Series

Hope and rebirth. The sun rises over the horizon and, thus, a new day begins. The auroras are part of the artist’s awakening.

“Morning is due to all –
To some – the Night –
To an imperial few –
The Auroral light”.
Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886)

Divine Reflections Series

Life is divine and miraculous. It enraptures the artist’s every hour and bestows upon him emotions, in which he keeps unconsciously awakening in an ecstasy of divine reflections.

Water Series

This series takes the viewer to the cool depths of the soul, on a journey full of shades of ultramarine and emerald green. Since human beings are mainly made of water, the artist immerses his hand in every drop, thus causing a cascade of serenity and peace to gush onto the canvas. If there is any magic in the universe, it is contained in water.

Animals Series

The artist delicately approaches the theme of animals, scrutinizing them in their innumerable aptitudes and qualities. He reflects both on the multiple aspects that characterize the faunal world, and on the similarities that animals have with human beings. One of the animals that most fascinates the artist is the macaque.

The macaque represents the light and shadow of life. The power of color opens the door to infinity thanks to emerald, carmine, gold and light blue brushstrokes. The macaque metaphorically encloses the thinking and reflective man, intent in the “here and now” to know his own destiny during its enchanting evolution. The macaque is alone in this urban jungle and he has to survive! Enveloped by arteries that infinitely intertwine and unravel like lianas, the macaque awakens the karmic and divine mission.

Life is an echo: what you give comes back and you reap what you sow. The artist identifies himself with the macaque. Through his cathartic gaze he immortalizes the complex enigma of life. In this alternation of colors you can hear the noise, the vibration of the universe. The noise of the colors paradoxically reflects the transformation process that excludes nothing but in which everything merges.

The artist turned to the macaque metaphor to question the identity of man in the face of his own destiny. Only luxuriant nature manages to lighten the shadow of metropolitan man and here, in this explosion of colors, the love of life materializes.

  • Le opere di Italo Corrado, serie complesse, imponenti e splendenti

City Series

The artist turns to the theme of cities to question the identity of man in the face of his own destiny. The silhouettes of these houses and buildings take on a surreal value, involving the viewer in an explosive vortex where the violence of the tones and the speed of the stroke summarize the artist’s thought: sometimes carefree and smiling, other times mysterious and indiscreet.

Cosmic Frequencies Series

In this series, the artist tries to connect his soul to the original motions of the universe thanks to color. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, floats incessantly in this endless ocean and carries us along at the speed of 600 kilometers per second. Intrigued by all this, the artist fantasizes on the canvas, imagining how heavenly it would be to increase the frequencies until reaching the cosmic microwave background Gamma, which is the most energetic. In doing so, the viewer is catapulted into an ocean of light that permeates the entire universe.

  • Le opere di Italo Corrado, serie complesse, imponenti e splendenti

Lake Effect Series

The artist experienced a lake metamorphosis with amazement and wonder. In fact, with magic and mystery, he transformed himself into a drop of water and enjoyed the ecstasy of the breeze, thus creating a sort of common thread between him and the lake. This infinite emotion opened wide the doors of his heart, revealing the extraordinary nuances that he then poured onto the canvases. The viewer’s gaze is captivated by the calm of these silent waters, where the depth is full of kindness and the surfaces look like mirrors. The artist is fascinated by the lake and its ability to wait for the wind to alter its stillness. He is eager to let himself be carried away by the current towards an indescribable journey full of mystery.

Emotions Series

The artist imagines his emotions and paints them with intensity and love. He prefers the noble silence of colors to words. Everything comes spontaneously and without compromise. Each line overlaps other lines, each plane meets and collides with other planes. All this creates a sudden and intense emotion.

  • Le opere di Italo Corrado, serie complesse, imponenti e splendenti

Facebook Series

The artist sinks into the streets he usually walks during his daily travels, stopping to observe the individuals he passes and meets… Hypnotized by their gazes, he reflects and imagines the story of each of them. The result is the representation of a wall of gazes within which the viewer’s eye gets lost. The swirling chaos mixes with the chatter and thus creates a carousel of colors, in which the spectator becomes a co-author.

Where have the amazement and tenderness that usually arise from an encounter between human beings gone? In this continuous crash between individuals, the truth is that perhaps we never meet. Man loses touch both with himself and with others. In a state of collective neurosis, the only “meeting” occurs only through social networks. Everything is ready to explode… And we are the first, the metropolitan spectators.

Fire Series

The artist looks everywhere for the sacred fire in his vital mission. He is convinced that a spark of love can make a life burn with passion, devouring it for eternity. His works are a magical bonfire that illuminates desire. While waiting for the wind to feed the brazier with the courage of love, the artist warms the soul of the mystery that is only visible among an infinity of sparks, those same sparks that pervade his sleepless nights.

  • Le opere di Italo Corrado, serie complesse, imponenti e splendenti

Genesis Series

This series represents one of the artist’s greatest ecstatic experiences. Here the dance of color breaks into a thousand pieces, exploding with joy and light, and then expanding infinitely in a universe of harmonies, where imagination is the beginning of creation.

Infinity Series

The works dedicated to infinity represent the boundary between reality and eternity. The horizon is the line that demarcates infinity. Walking over that line gives the artist curiosity, stimulates him to imagine the feeling of infinity and, finally, induces him to amalgamate the beauty of going beyond matter with the spirit so as to go further…

  • Le opere di Italo Corrado, serie complesse, imponenti e splendenti

Instinct Series

Carried away by instinct, the artist dives into a dream in which he gets involved lightly, eventually creating a triptych. In “Instinct 1”, we glimpse the union between verticality and horizontality, between sky and earth, between spirit and matter; in “Instinct 2”, the fusion takes place and matter and territory emerge; in “Instinct 3”, everything is completed through a clear identity, where the magic and the mystery of the moon illuminate the immensity of the sea, in a dream night where instinct is at home.

Moon Series

These ancestral moons… The result is just like a “Garden of Eden” of art, flooded with light and poetry. This series made the painter’s restless wandering exciting. A fantastic place in a perfect setting, a whirlwind of dreams where the artist breathed a magical atmosphere.

How would poets do without the moon? How could artists, stretched out in a meadow on summer nights, count the stars without the moon? The painter feels immense joy and infinite gratitude towards the magic of the moon, an earth satellite with multiple meanings. Every time he looks at the moon, its vibrant energy dominates and hypnotizes his gaze. He adores the light of the moon, he loves the glow that excites him and gives him unexpected inspiration.

The moon is the artist’s virtuous refuge and represents his inner calm chaos. With its enigmatic pallor, it is the queen of his nocturnal soliloquies, it is the noble abode of various cosmic visions. The moon, with its mystical and fairy-tale charm, recalls the mystery of intrigue and has a crystalline soul revealing ethereal – at times romantic – nuances that spread in the complexity of the cosmic idyll. The moon is romantic and passionate; it is candid, light angelic and evokes the enchantment of dreamlike journeys. Finally, the moon is magical and radiates the splendor of an enchanting corner of paradise.

The artist let the light filter beyond his time to catapult him into an imaginative Eden. An enigmatic thrill, between dream and reality, pervaded the surrounding atmosphere while a fusion of chromatic nuances led him to explore new horizons. At the end of the journey, everything materialized thanks to the amalgamation of color and star dust. What a sublime emotion!

  • Le opere di Italo Corrado, serie complesse, imponenti e splendenti

Metropolis Series

Thanks to the strength of the colors, the artist dialogues with the exceptional metropolitan skyline, representing with flashes of light and shadow, both the pain and pleasure, as well as the love and hate of society. In his canvases he intervenes energetically, addressing the problems that resound with strange echoes on the edge of the city and within the urban arteries. A first overview invites the viewer to embark on a journey: the lights, the tumult, the noise are felt in a place where people collide but where, paradoxically, never meet.

The path is ambivalent. If on the one hand there is no doubt that the metropolis pulsates and thrives on its own energy, isolating itself; on the other, it undergoes the integration of the cosmopolitan society which seems to absorb it, painting it with variegated, often conflicting ethnicities. The artist has always been fascinated by the opposite ends that characterize the metropolis. The colors flow, thus nourishing and refining the scent of day and night, where the vivid light laps every moment of the daily routine.

Moments Series

In joy and in pain there are moments that are never forgotten. Many of these are imperceptible, others unpredictable, but all are characterized by an uncontrollable energy. These works highlight the different moments of life and depict the restless and serene storms that in a calm chaos dazzle the artist’s irrepressible rush during his magical moments of cathartic awakening.

  • Le opere di Italo Corrado, serie complesse, imponenti e splendenti

Nature Series

In this series, the artist intends to leave torments and anguish behind. He then dives into an ocean of lightheartedness towards surreal landscapes. During this dreamlike journey, he lets himself be carried away by the wind which, sweeping away the shadows, catapults him into the light.

Beyond Border Series

The series is dedicated to those who dare to go beyond. The artist investigated within a wonderful harmony between man and nature, the landscape, the boundary between man and the hereafter, going beyond… Beyond the border, the dream.

The artist has tried to express on the canvases his impressions of everyday life in admiring nature with a very special technique, that is, representing very different color tones and looking for an explosion of warm and cold chromatic gradations.

After all, the painter wanted to represent passion and transmit it with joy and love. Thanks to the colors, this artwork becomes the universal symbol of a great love for life. With his intimate positivity, the artist lives his vision and try to convey it on the canvas with vibrant sensations, contemplating the sun, the moon, the sky and the infinite stars.

  • Le opere di Italo Corrado, serie complesse, imponenti e splendenti

  • Le opere di Italo Corrado, serie complesse, imponenti e splendenti

Psyche Series

This series focuses on the three reasons that induce the individual to face the existential problems of life, interacting with a continuous crash between lights and shadows of the human subconscious. In “Psyche 1”, the black rain pouring down in torrents brings out restlessness and pain. In “Psyche 2”, there is a swirling sensation that drags annoyances, depressions and unhappiness into a whirlwind, and only thanks to the principle of cause and effect is it possible to get out of problems with strength and will, sweeping away all sorts of darkness. Finally, “Psyche 3”, represents the exit from the tunnel: the solid and strong shutters of this door that kept the human being segregated open and finally the light is seen. After the storm, the serene returns…

Wolf Totem Series

The artist created a private collection of paintings for Wolf Totem in occasion of the spring/summer collection 2018 fashion show in Milan.

The metropolis is becoming an urban forest where the law of the jungle rules. The progressive descent into barbarism and the degeneration of the society must be stopped.

Man fights to survive day after day. We can stay alive only by bringing out the characteristics of the wolf, such as strength and determination.

Progress, innovation and beauty emerge only by scratching the asphalt. A pack of wolves is guided by a leader which always keeps the situation under control. Where there is life, there is hope! In the artist’s works, man is metaphorically represented by the wolf. Light fights darkness, warmth defeats coldness, and the wolf is the good chasing the evil away. Its mental attitude is based on the law of cause and effect, thus it knows what it wants and how to get it.

Strong and bold, vigorous, muscular and relentless, the wolf creates and marks its territory. It guards and protects it thanks to its fierce, intense and penetrating look. The metropolitan habitat automatically adjusts to suit its presence, just like in a forest or in the tundra.