Italo Corrado

Curriculum Vitae

From 1973 to 1989

Italo Corrado was born October 15, 1973 in Paderno Dugnano (MI). Since he was a child he is inclined to observe the bizarre shapes of nature and inanimate objects, spots on asphalt, puddles, cracks on the facades, rust on signs, tree roots abandoning himself to their charm and their complicit language. Finding all these things very attractive, he decides to embrace strange, irrational and complicated forms. Nature produces in him a sense of concordance between the heart and the will that induces him to realize forms and images on canvas. Italo Corrado comes from a family of teachers: his father was an elementary school teacher and his mother was an educatress at the Martinitt and Stelline Institute of Milan. Thanks to the education of his parents, he was able to deepen the various artistic-cultural disciplines with devotion and passion, plunging headlong and diligently into his studies.

The achievement of the diploma at the State Institute of Art of Monza definitively establishes the period of academicism dictated by the duty of learning. The artistic experiences of the early years at the Academy of Brera in Milan mature in a context that is more rich than ever in contradictions and psychic rebellions. The latter raise a strong desire for inner freedom in the artist, transgress classical academic dogmas and uncover the world of the unconscious with its lights and shadows, between joys and anxieties, where the ego sometimes manages to manifest itself thanks to the desire cradled by repressed dreams.

Art no longer has to find its own motivations only in visible reality, the one perceptible in the phenomena in which it manifests itself, but it can expand its investigation both to the inner reality and to the dream world. Nobility and simplicity in an immense calm. An even passionate expression, but each time laid in the symbols of his ironic and whimsical fantasy, from which the narration of his works appears subtle and bizarre. His images pulsate, snap, vibrate, are sharp, pungent and very lively; they make you smile, cry, think and above all display the lights and shadows of this world. With subtle and tender malice, Italo Corrado provokes emotions of dazzling truth and a refined balance between feeling and expressive form, both being the result of an inner search and a spontaneous absence of rhetoric.

From 1990 to 1994

With the age of majority the reminiscences of a rigid education come back, inducing Italo Corrado to undertake with pride and honor the military career in order to pursue all those values like loyalty, justice and nationalism that were transmitted to him as a child. Realizing that the rational life full of dogmas and duties do not give space to imagination and freedom, Corrado enters a vortex of strong contrasts of his own identity, overwhelmed by a psychic turbulence where unhappiness and repression give vent to a strong rebellion from which an overwhelming artistic force emerges.

From 1995 to 1999

Discharge from the Carabinieri. Thanks to the scholarship won at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera as the best student of the year, Italo Corrado has the privilege of being signaled by the painter and set designer Rodolfo Aricò and by the professor of art history Patrizia Runfola as set designer and stage assistant for the show “1848: The Five Days of Milan” at the Nuovo Piccolo Teatro Studio in Milan. The following year Italo Corrado receives the second scholarship thanks to which he obtains the role of designer and creator of the sets for the show “One Thousand and One Nights” at the Teatro Litta in Milan.

In the autumn of 1998 Italo Corrado paints as many as 37 works that are used as illustrations for the poetic collection “Vecchio Klaiderglak, una vita non mi basta” (Old Klaiderglak, a life is not enough for me) by the artistic director and actor Francesco Pellicini, presented on Lake Maggiore.

From 2000 to 2011

With the beginning of the new millennium, Corrado’s artistic soul bears fruit. In fact, thanks to a strong predisposition for the theater, he enrolls in the acting school where the director Roberto Brivio sees in him an outstanding talent so as to invite him to collaborate in the planning and realization of his theatrical works: Dracula, The Barber of Seville, La Bohème, Abelardo and Eloisa, Pinocchio.

From here on Corrado’s lifestyle is colored by various shades. He is active on countless artistic commissions – from scenography to acting – and plays several characters. Among the various events, it is important to mention the exceptional realization of the Synchro System project by Carsten Höller currently on display at the Prada Foundation in Milan.

Theatricality is his style, humor is his winning card. These features captivate and fascinate directors and actors who, enthralled by his chameleon spirit and his extraordinary mimicry, invite him to join theatrical companies making him interpret several roles, among which the comedian in the show “Io una follia la farei” (2002) by Roberto Brivio, in the quartet “I Legionari” and the crazy psychopath in the dramatic show “Someone Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (2003) by Danilo Ghezzi. In the latter, Corrado plays the role of Frederickson, personified in the original film by Vincent Schiavelli who attends the theater as an honorary guest for the special occasion.

But the apotheosis is reached with the show “Di storia in storia la vita” dedicated to the writer Piero Chiara where Corrado, in contrast to the other shows, personifies eight different characters. This led him to receive praise also from the well-known lyricist Mogol, guest of honor and presenter of the “Chiara” award.

From the continuous alternation between acting and scenography Corrado absorbs multiple sensations and then transports them in his pictorial works through which he leads us into a world full of opposites, where the humor is sharp and penetrating while the figures are mediumistic, radiant, cheerful and painful. In essence, Corrado represents the four seasons of life, from their rising to their darkening. Depending on his mood, his paintings present an incredible variety of colors through which they invite us to plunge into an infinite world devoid of torment and anguish. All of this transports us irrationally into another dimension, there, beyond the border…

Le opere di Italo Corrado, serie complesse, imponenti e splendenti
La biografia di Italo Corrado, pittore eclettico e visionario
Le opere di Italo Corrado, serie complesse, imponenti e splendenti

La biografia di Italo Corrado, pittore eclettico e visionario
La biografia di Italo Corrado, pittore eclettico e visionario
La biografia di Italo Corrado, pittore eclettico e visionario

From 2011 to 2013

The succession of artistic experiences definitively causes his free instinct to blossom, typically as an artist, and soon his career is revived. Thanks to his noble passion for art and colors – which he himself calls “heroes” – Corrado paints the so-called “sacred fire”, that is what he feels inside. Anxious to free himself from the conventions of art, he lets his introspection flow with intuition. For him the picture has the power to transform people…

From the works exhibited there clearly emerges the need for revolt. Through the use of a varied chromatic range he expresses joys and pains, lights and shadows, which disorient the viewer by shaking his soul. The success of the exhibition serves as a spur and gives him the opportunity to exhibit his works in other artistic contexts.

Corrado dedicates whole days to painting by confessing his thoughts on the canvas and representing the dualism of opposites that led him to grab his destiny by the neck. The chaos in his head is reflected on the canvas with music, colors and an infinity of conceptual metaphors; three important series are created, among which stands out that of Facebook where the restlessness of contemporary society shines through.

Art lives in Corrado, his life is full of shadows, but he looks upwards in search of the sun and light. Despite an inner conflict of emotions, his bold character allows him to go on without ever giving up and to create works of great substance and permeated with unquestionable charm. Corrado observes and investigates reality, reflects it with a romantic ideal, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of a world he loves and hates at the same time; through his heroes (the colors) he tries to create a utopian new illuminated planet. Its purpose is to instill confidence in humanity while leading it to reflect and shake it thanks to a hubbub of colors in a battle of concepts – sometimes in conflict with each other, sometimes in harmony.

Corrado stays up late, takes refuge in color, lives an eccentric personal life, obsessed and possessed by the desire to strike the eye of the spectator. In him there is a spiritual awakening from which his inner travails turn into triumphs. Art becomes a completely psychological act, a vision of the world, a way to rearrange things that otherwise could not be ordered.

Corrado believes that we can approach the cosmos thanks to universal love. But to embrace joy we must unleash a fierce storm with an angelic soul. He is a revolutionary hero, symbolizes the artist’s struggle and says that one must love life to overcome the great obstacles. However his artistic research embraces various themes and his intuition, rich in expressive force, offers infinite interpretations.

From 2014 to 2016

In 2014, the well-known Maison Busnelli appreciates this unbridled dynamic force and invites him to set up its collection with his artistic works to create an excellent combination between the refinement of design and the poetry of Corrado’s art. This event represents the turning point for the artist’s career as it expands his visibility abroad (especially Russia, United Arab Emirates and China) allowing him to look out onto an international scene and establish solid and profitable relationships with other artists and entrepreneurs of the sector.


The collaboration with some Chinese entrepreneurs who, appreciating Corrado’s art, decide to write several articles in Chinese media is satisfying and gratifying. Cooperation with the East gets more vigorous in 2017 when Chinese entrepreneurs, engaged in Italy due to some fashion-related events, commission Corrado to create a private collection in combination with the fashion show organized by them. The collection is currently on display in their headquarters in Fujian, China.


In 2018 Corrado begins a creative path of study related to the Facebook series from which he almost seems unable to escape as overwhelmed by an incessant psychic attraction. Corrado does not want to appear superficial but, on the contrary, he looks at and analyzes the world of social networks, letting himself be transported to an ocean where everything seems close but in reality it is far away, where everything belongs to everyone and nobody, where being is non-being. It is in this virtual world that people take refuge to try to escape from the metropolitan chaos by obscuring physical contact, relationships, passions and emotions.

The same year he was successfully crowned by the artistic collaboration with the poet and philosopher Paolo Pellicini. Thanks to the extraordinary combination of poetry and painting, Corrado extrapolates from his unconscious twenty works by expressing metaphors and concepts on the canvas with the aim of going beyond – beyond the border – not only physically, but also and above all psychologically, recalling the most majestic depths of the unconscious. The book was presented in Lugano (CH) at the Palazzo Elvetico and later in Luino at the Palazzo Verbania.

From 2019 onwards

Thanks to a whimsical intuition Corrado goes from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, masterfully combining faces to highlight the similarities and differences. The result is a panorama full of secretly allusive glances which, on the one hand, makes the internal structure of the image a process of synthesis, on the other, leads the soul of the observer into an infinite mystery.

Corrado manages to dominate the composition of the work through a natural as well as disconcerting pictorial balance. His faces – each with their own character – are invested with opposites: love and death, joy and anguish, pleasure and pain, dream and nightmare, hot and cold.

The works of Corrado – despite being the result of a completely instinctive painting – live, change and evolve through a long and refined work. In fact, they are exposed to the natural elements typical of every season (humidity, water, air, temperature changes) and inevitably suffer their effects by undergoing a process of natural metamorphosis in which nature collaborates with the artist. Thus, the images depicted take on a myriad of forms due to the succession of the seasons, making each of his works unique and original.

Corrado exhibits his works at the Miramare de Palace hotel in Sanremo in conjunction with the Italian Song Festival for 3 editions (2021, 2022 and 2023).

Corrado was also vice-chairman of the Board of the Teatro Giuditta Pasta of Saronno and currently holds the same role also for the Festival of Theater and Comedy of Luino and for the Festival of Theater and Comedy of the Insubrian Lands.